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Assembled by Advocates for Language Learning and dual language immersion teachers, these helpful Biligual Learning Summer Resource Guide and Summer Spanish Language Learning Tools inform parents of local and online resources that can maximize your student’s biliteracy any time of the year, including:

  • Local libraries that offer bilingual storytimes, as well as collections of Spanish and bilingual books
  • Hispanic art and cultural opportunities in Southern California
  • Useful tools and techniques to immerse your student in Spanish outside of school Educational and fun games, apps, videos, and websites that boost Spanish vocabulary and literacy
  • Grade Level Resources for parents
  • DLI Orientation - Welcome to Our Program and What to Expect
    • What to expect at each school/level of the program?
    • How to get started Acronyms & Glossary?
    • What is A.L.L. vs. what is PTA/PTSA?
    • What is the DELE Benefits of completing the whole program?
      • Diplomas
    • Pathways to Biliteracy
    • What is ISA?
    • What is CABE?

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